Concrete is the most commonly used material for commercial properties in Melbourne. Used in a several areas such as parking lots, foundation, basements, etc, concrete is durable and best. Before hiring a concrete contractor in Melbourne, it is important to ask a few questions so that you don’t suffer later.

Do you have license, insurance, and are bonded?

Never consider a concrete contractor in Melbourne who is not licensed, insured and bonded. It is obligatory to have a license and abide by the rules laid down by the state authorities. A company should only have employees who well educated and trained for the work they do. It is also vital that the company is functioning with its liability insurance.

What are the Guarantees and Warranties?

The work completed by the concrete contractor will look beautiful the day it is done. However, it is the quality of the project that will matter and stand the test of time. You should not realise it later that the work done was improper and not up to the mark. To ensure this doesn’t happen, ask them about the warranties and guarantees they provide. A reliable company will ideally provide a written warranty.

Ask them for references from other clients?

Asking other businesses about the contractor’s work shall provide you with complete feedback and honest reviews. It is suggested to always take a second opinion before you take the plunge. Ask them whether the concrete contractor delivered work on the said timelines and costs.

Are you pulling the permit?

It is important to get all the permits before commencing any work on the commercial property. Ensure that your concrete contractor legally gets the permits and abide by all the regulations. The name of the individual on the permit holds responsibility for the entire work.

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