The Kascorp Story


The team behind Kascorp has been in the concrete formwork industry for decades. Early on we understood the old-fashioned mentality often associated with this area of building construction, and decided we needed to evolve our working philosophy into a modern, professional, organised, and transparent system easy for clients to understand.

At Kascorp, we derive a great deal of satisfaction and a strong feeling of achievement when viewing the final outcome of our projects. Whether it’s working together with commercial builders on apartment blocks, or undertaking civil works for the government, by coordinating with the builder as a team, we listen, plan, and finish ON TIME.

The additional amount of planning our team does for a project before arriving on-site means we don’t make claims we can’t deliver on. There are no theatrics. Using innovative and safe approaches, we focus on working together with our clients from the tender stage right through to a project delivery of the highest standards.

We under-promise and over-deliver, and by finishing earlier than you allocated for, we save you costs often associated with having to be on-site for longer. We do not overwhelm our clients with unwarranted preliminary charges not allocated for in the original budget.

Kascorp can handle your structure package, concrete package, formwork, pre-cast installation, concrete placement, labour hire, and estimating requirements.

With superior technologies, management systems, and installation, Kascorp achieves your desired result while meeting budget and programme.