The Directors RANT

Joe Kasalo


Founding Director

Kascorp Pty Ltd does concrete structures! That line above is a serious as I’m going to be. Yes we provide concrete structure packages and so do many other businesses, so I’m not going to waste your time copying and pasting the same jargon here.

I’ve decided without telling anyone, that we are not to write an overexaggerated piece of poetry as a ‘company mission statement’. Where we claim that Kascorp are a cut above the rest and provide a far superior service than the others. This would be shameless self-promotion and most people can read through the BS of an egotistical narcissist.

In a small summary to best describe what we do would be something like this….. “We, our people, do our best, as best we can, with what ever task or challenge is given and conduct ourselves in the most honest and ethical manner, in order to keep growing, pay our bills, support our families and not lose our sanity along the way.”

Starting off as a small family business but now fall under the category of ‘medium size’ according to the ATO (bastards), we have grown significantly over the last 4 years due to mostly luck I say BUT, I won’t take credit away from the people who work with me as they treat the business as an extension of their own family.

What we do? Grey Concrete! And anything else associated with it, formwork, reinforcement, concrete, cranes, pumping. Anything required to hold a building up, that’s us. Easier to look at some pictures on our page if you don’t understand. That goes to my parents and in-laws also, who still don’t know what I do for a living.

Finally a little about myself, according to my wife and three children I’m useless, unreliable, work obsessed, overthinking, unrealistic and most of all ‘undivorceable’ for the time being, due to the great debt I’ve accumulated recently growing the company. Women and children they’re not all that great after you have them are they?

Welcome to Kascorp. Different is not always better, but interesting to say the least.