Concrete Structure Packages Melbourne

Structural concrete is a versatile construction material that has been used for over 100 of years already. Kascorp has the knowledge needed to understand the structural behaviour of concrete structures. In practice, structures frequently have load capacity reserves. Existing structures are thereby demonstrably secure than was assumed.

Kascorp provides full concrete structure packages Melbourne to the commercial, retail, residential and recreational, medical and civil sectors. We provide a complete structural scope of works encompassing excavation, formwork, concreting, precast installation, steel fixing, project redesigns and post tensions.

With nearly years of experience, the Kascorp team possess a privileged reputation for flawless workmanship and quality finishes. Headed by an innovative leadership team, we apply new methods to offer an appropriate approach for your construction needs.

We not only specialize in formwork but also deliver concrete structure packages Melbourne when needed, completing variety of projects for commercial builders. We are a team of professional, experienced people who ensures all our projects are completed securely, on time, to the highest quality and as cost efficient as possible. We own large variety of different formwork systems as well as resources to fit all types and project sizes.

Being a concrete structure specialist, we deliver traditional formwork services and also have years of experience in the construction of full concrete structure and basements, with specific expertise in excavation, post-tension slabs and basement retention systems.

The management, principals and field operations staff have knowledge through decades of designing and building few of the most compound concrete structures in Melbourne. Numerous varieties of concrete exist and Kascorp Construction Company actually picks a specific variety for its purpose depending on its particular compressive strength, a quality expresses in terms of pounds per square inch and megapascals.

When building structures, it’s important for homeowners to make use of durable materials. Hence, investing in concrete solutions is essential. One essential aspect that people obtain when making use of concrete structure packages Melbourne is that they can easily avoid shrinkage and curly. When quality is taken into consideration, concrete structures Melbourne can create better and more durable flooring due to its quality. Obviously, when mixing concrete, there are instances when concrete solutions can be contaminated which is likely to affect its quality. Additionally; certain contaminations can also affect applications. But this can be prevented by using Kascorp’s concrete structure packages Melbourne.

Concrete structures build throughout the world are prone to a wide range of different conditions of use and exposure to environmental conditions encompassing, but not limited to, erosion, impact loads, pollution and weather. These factors, together with the quality of construction built into the structure, indicate that the time to initial deterioration may differ widely. Most of Kascorp’s infrastructures encompassing bridges, viaducts, building, dams, tunnels, and reservoirs are constructed in reinforced or prestressed concrete.

What is Kascorp doing that’s different from other concrete producers?

Kascorp uses modularized designs that allow a customer to purchase a very basic low production concrete plant and simply boost the production level by simply adding modules to live up to an increased concrete demand.


Concrete structures are vigorous and have a long service life. While, it’s not easy to prove a service life of 100 years, or in certain cases even more. Kascorp possess the knowledge to evaluate this reliably and with substantiation.